Shy Young Amateur Kennedy Taylor First Audition

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Wtf?! 2 years ago
No way you should smash a chick that fucking hot. Take some Viagra you limp dicked sissy.
Alex Jones 2 years ago
Fucking TRASH....She's HOT.....but she fucks the same dude in all of the videos! They're a couple trying to make it look like they aren't!!
Nah 2 years ago
Bro why does his dick look it has gangrene
1 year ago
Wow what a beautiful pussy
Jennifer 11 months ago
I want to fuck her so bad! And I need to see her POV deepthroat blowjob. Her face is so gorgeous I want to see her lips and eyes as she is sucking cock. That would make me cum so hard.
Cumman 1 year ago
Fake fucking cum, gross.
6 months ago
I'd bust in about two minutes and just go to pound town
Royal champion 11 months ago
Wow so big dick!!?
Asstronaut 2 years ago
I like Kennedy Taylor. I dislike the interview host here.
First scene: What the heck? - so rushed degrading imo made me uncomfortable I turned it off. So Inpersonal
1 year ago