Master and Machine Own Blonde in Bondage

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1 year ago
This dumbass needs to shut the fuck up, no one wants to hear his stupid bullshit.
Aimee 1 year ago
Creepy guy. He shouldn't be allowed to look at the naked girl,let alone touch her.....And what is with fingers in the mouth stretching for??- that's the time to bite him
2 years ago
lol the back slapping. It would be hard to not laugh at him. XD
2 years ago
Dude I dont know how many people watching this can't stand seeing this lame ass thru the entire video. The only reason a guy would be fucking with a woman while she's anal hooked and getting machine fucked would be a homo!!! Lmao!!!!
Kmo 2 years ago
She enjoy it
tiptoe 5 months ago
Him slapping her face over and over really took away from it. She's too good to be smacked on her face over and over. She needs a way better dom next time
wtf 7 months ago
guy is annoying asf i could treat her better ong
bro 5 months ago
i wish the guy wasnt in it ruined the whole thing
RustyBones 7 months ago
Excellent video... Don't care what others comment, this video got me sooo horny had to j/o to it.
Well done
2 years ago
Demasiado espeso para la chica