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4 years ago
they are really bad actors
American dad 4 years ago
Literally all I can think of is the Ricky Spanish episode of American dad when roger is the worst character ever
Elon Musk 4 years ago
What took her so long to look? There ain't shit in that mfk'n fridge.
Bbbb 4 years ago
What is her name? The young girl
Bruh Moment 4 years ago
lmao, *when she starts beating him with the flowers.*
Hindi ako pinoy 4 years ago
Kid at stranger things:
Ricky spanish 4 years ago
Ain’t that the person roger acts like in American dad
4 years ago
Close the fridge, you are wasting energy. That bill isn't gonna be fun
cool 4 years ago
Suck 4 years ago
My hair balls