Sexy pornstar Krissy Lynn bangs porn producer

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Ken Kaniff from CT 4 years ago
22:47 OH FUCK YEAH !!!
3 years ago
Who's the second woman?
Dana 3 years ago
Krissy, you really didn't need the implants your breasts were just fine! C's were great!
Luv ya!
Trib Fan 2 years ago
The other chicks in this video don't even come close to what Krissy has.
I also LOVE that she never skanked her body with tatoos and piercings.
Damn I'd love to spend a year with Krissy Lynn...
1 year ago
I love watching Krissy Lynn being slutty & fuck!
1 year ago
I ud totally fine 2 girl
Trib Fan 2 years ago
She is so sultry in videos that I've seen of her.
But Krissy also has a really cute personality too.
I love 3 years ago
to take her in the prone position.
Jake 3 years ago
Movie star looks!
Nasty Boy 3 years ago
The Realist Porn Star Ever Wishing you a speedy recovery. Krissy