Lena Paul Ass Fucking Her Employers Hubby at Request

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4 years ago
Lena Paul is SOOO BEAUTIFUL!. Love the fact that she has nice looking bush. She's most definitely wife material.
Crystal 4 years ago
I had a co-worker come over for a bbq my hubby was home cooking. My co-worker is very nice looking nice big tits nice ass any ways we sat around had a couple of drinks she kept on watching him cook she told me that I did good he is very hot. I asked her are you getting wet? she had they look I told it's ok you can tell me I don't mind she said her pussy was getting very wet! I told her that I can tell your nipples are very hard!
Wishful 4 years ago
I wish she would’ve taken that dick out of her ass and made the wife suck it!
Crystal 4 years ago
I asked her if she would like to blow him she goes I would love to if you don't mind I told her to go for it please do I love to watch it will turn me on very much to have you blow him and you can fuck him to so we fucked and sucked the whole night it was great and we still do it and work together after 4yrs!!!!
ThisShitRightHere 4 years ago
if you douche your ass with peroxide you can go ass to pussy the more you know eh....even though I have a feeling peroxide in your ass would burn like a mother fucker.
3 years ago
I did this to my gf patty when she wouldn't fuck me.....the only difference is it was her married fat sister tammy.
Ghost fucker 4 years ago
So hard fuck such a great fuck busty brunette girl
Gerda 2 years ago
I could so do this his cock in my bush
Mr Jingles 2 years ago
The full version of this video, is going to become a classic. Just so much plot, and Lena Paul, and Jay Taylor did an excellent job!! Nice work ladies !!
It’s too bad that they couldn’t have had Danny D as the frustrated husband, but, I’m not sure that he has tha acting chops for the role.
Bob 2 years ago
At 8:55, my wife did a guy exactly like this, and I ate her while she did it. I could not help myself.