Alone step daddy and alone makes out

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Jesse 4 years ago
My step daughter came in my bed room, after her mother moved out, she lived with me,, anyway Brit, walked in while I was jerking off, and she showed me her big young boobs and, told me to suck them, so I did, with pleasure,, she put my rock hard cock in her young beautiful mouth, sucked me off, she said cum in my mouth daddy, it was running over with my cum, she swallowed it all
helpful guy 4 years ago
her daddy aint drunk he knew he fucked her daughter
paslutwife on wickr 3 years ago
Mmmm such a sweet daddy making his daughter feel so good, when they lay on the couch it reminds me of how my grandpa, uncle and brother played with me, under covers in case someone walked in, I'd get excited and want to put my leg up on them or try to get on top and they'd stop me because we couldn't, so we'd just do it sideways like that and I'd hump my little pussy against them. I miss it.
Ramdom 4 years ago
I really want an old man to fuck me good and hard
Stepdad dick 4 years ago
My stepdaughter makes me rub her pussy before bedtime. She is so selfish. Gets my dick so wet.
Daddys fucker 3 years ago
My dad is a hot guy with big penis after divorce my Mom dad used to Fuck me while im sleeping i refuse to wake up cause i love the way he fuck me secretly everyday he cums inside me .
Daddy favourite 3 years ago
I've always wanted to fuck my dad since 6th grade. All the videos and stories I use for masturbate are about dad and daughter, and I cannot be wet if not thinking about my dad. Now i'm 18 what should I do?
Alice 3 years ago
came to my dad's bedroom last night and started humping his cock because I dreamed about it for a long time and thought he wouldn't notice but he woke up and said it's ok if we do it one time. I was shocked. he pounded hard and came inside me. I'm on pills tho so it's ok. I wonder what's gonna be tonight mmm
Daddys Slut 2 years ago
Watching this brings back the good times when i was so little , my dad would pick me up and take me to his house so he can fuck my tight virgin pussy every day and cum in it. i promised not to tell only cause it was so good. i loved his cock so much stretching me out with cum
maddie 4 years ago
i need a good fuck reply and ill give you my number.