Busty Redheaded German Teen Subslave

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SexualHarassmentPanda 11 years ago
Damn! my last comment on this video was from 08/22/2011. Yet here I am again, I need to do something with my life lol
Non-Hater 11 years ago
No matter who they are or where they come from...face it the guy landed a hot as hell red-head with a scorching body...No offense but damn she can set a screen on fire and obviously he talked her into this video...Haters are gonna hate...the reason why you are hating on the guy is because he fucked her and you didn't
Donny T. 7 years ago
The skinny dude just ruins it
love chubbiesss 11 years ago
whats her name i did read all the comments and no one helped us with her name or where we can find more vidz of her
Lol 11 years ago
Haters gonna hate. What's done is done, the guy got the girl and she fucking enjoyed it.
fact 7 years ago
She is insecure about her body and he is insecure about his cock so they both settle with each other
Probably... 8 years ago
She probably faked an orgasm more than I fake being ill
wow 9 years ago
shes perfect if I had her I wouldn't need anything else
anon 10 years ago
I wish someone would subtitle this
curiously 9 years ago
in real life hes the slave, everytime he wants to eat something the fridges already empty