A stepson with broken fingers asks his hot stepmom for a delicate favor.

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8 months ago
Honestly just here to read the comments.
But seems like there is not much to read.
Kinda shame i thaught ill get some BS to read like twitter / reddit
8 months ago
I see what happened - someone transplanted toes onto his hands.
8 months ago
My guy, I think your problem is that your doctor's an idiot
grug 4 months ago
me no speak, me grunt and make unga bunga on simple woman. grug fingers burnt on purpose. grug happy
4 months ago
Stephen Hawking can act better than them.. still bust one though..
4 months ago
He should get a handicap sticker and she should be arrested for hooking up with a mentally disabled person that is unable to speak/defend himself… poor little fella
Buhmer 4 months ago
That’s the worst peace of acting in porn that I’ve ever seen. Holding the camera in his mouth is just the cherry on top
Damn 4 months ago
After busting a nut I was ashamed that I did so. Because this acting job was terrible and this woman’s voice was fucking obnoxious
7 months ago
Her roots need doing
Andrew Tate 4 months ago
Turn off the shower bro. Don't waste the water.