Real Drogo Hot Pussy Eating Cunnilingus - Khalessi 69

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MrsTR 4 months ago
Licking and SUCKING! My only recommendation would be to go to sucking only when she's approaching climax. Clit is a miniature cock. Just like a cock it wants stroking, licking and kisses. To really cum hard it needs to be sucked. She'll let you know how strong your suction should be. She'll come faster if you suck her clit head only like the head of a cock. Prevents tongue overuse!
7 months ago
i wanna be licked like that
9 months ago
Im next.
X.. 6 months ago
It’s all good and everything, but it sounds like a dog drinking water.
9 months ago
to much direct contact. im good, i go of to the side more. and go slow and suck lightly.
1 year ago
Amazing effort by tongue
Foxylatina 5 months ago
Please eat my pussy like that!
Crissy 4 months ago
Oh the thought of eating Candy’scream pussy after it’s shaved is so sweet & tasty
5 months ago
Can i be apart of your video I wanna eat your pussy like that
Nifty Lady 47 4 months ago
Now this Lil lady is going places!