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Tool Man 1 year ago
I didn’t realize this was a workout video. I thought it was supposed to be an instructional video on how to build a house
Marriage material 1 year ago
Title says she's a slutty housewife but there's no ring on her finger. personally I don't care I seem to lose all inhibitions and train of thought when my dick is in a gals throat.
Tony 6 months ago
I would love to lick her clean
Sexy 8 months ago
Is the blonde with the red shirt in anything else?
6 months ago
I like them dirty talking sexy little mama's oh fuck
1 year ago
The commentary is ridiculous.
Jerry 5 months ago
She needs to shut the fuck up!!! Good video until she starts talking stupid stuff, like “ work that muscle for me”. How fucking stupid!!
Biggin' 8 months ago
Just hit the Thumbs UP ...and it went to 100% ....and She deserves ever damn bit of it !!! ....
HAHAHA 1 year ago
2:30 ? Fast.
Tony 1 year ago
I would pay for that