Pervy lieutenant free using hot soldier babes

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Sirfuckwith 1 year ago
Cant stand his fucking voice
1 year ago
My god this is hard to watch
1 year ago
If you're going to act like you're in the military, maybe you should learn how to talk like you're in the military.
What? 1 year ago
Who's free using who here?
1 year ago
Bro tf was those sit ups
1 year ago
Army beds are not like that or people like in homes , it's a building with single beds , they got everything wrong
Plz fuck me 1 year ago
I hope i join an army like this
GGG 1 year ago
Its so stupid that i like it XD. Im asking wheres the full version?
Girls have preety pussies
1 year ago
Their names?
1 year ago
Ayo wtf excuse do u have this shit