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Killapimp 1 year ago
That first bitch is not human it's hard to find a bitch to take my 9inches and she taking 14 with ease
John 1 year ago
That's how you fuck a sweet white pussy
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Not buying it. 1 year ago
I have seen many videos of this guy. His cock gets bigger over the years. Going back it was big but now it's so much bigger.
Knaasty 1 year ago
It’s big but it can never stay up . Lay off the injections lol
I’m Gay Now 1 year ago
There is a guy at my club who is hung like that. I saw his horse cock when he removed his towel to step into the showers. It was immense. At least three times bigger than my cock. I could not stop staring at him. He then began masturbating in the shower and was easily as big as Julio is at the 22:35 mark. All I wanted to do was kneel before him and suck his magnificent tool. I think about it all the time. I mistakenly told my wife about this man’s cock. She talks about meeting up with him.
Hi there 1 year ago
Rubbing his own nippples
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I cant with thus genre too much emphasis on the guy and this mf is gay he cant even stay hard he gotta play with his own nipples to keep an erection. Why do gay dudes do hetero porn. Just ruined everything
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