Old white men farmers do gay things

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David 1 year ago
I would like a 3 some with 2 fat guy with small cock
Lmao 1 year ago
Old dudes dick didn't even get in that "tight" asshole...he was fucking cheeks
1 year ago
As a 100% straight dude. I watched this and to me to is so odd. How is any part of this sexy??? I dont get it at all. Its 2 really really out of shape 300+ pound men having sex. I seen it. Im good Ill stick with the hot women...
Steve 6 months ago
I would suck him dry.
1 year ago
lol wtf
hold up 1 year ago
this is gay
Wynter 8 months ago
Cute pipi ummmmmm.
5 months ago
Dirty 1 month ago
This video is one of the strangest I’ve ever seen , how the hell anyone can enjoy watching this is beyond me
4 months ago
Trump supporters